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  Caring for the environment is as close to us as caring about the quality of our products and services. Both installations and equipment used by our Company for the purposes of alcohol production are created in order to ensure the highest environmental standards at the very stage of their design.

We used – among others - the following technologies:

  • closed circuit water cooling, allowing for a significant reduction in the amount of sewage,
  • columns operating under varying pressure, allowing a 50% reduction of steam consumption (compared to the traditional method),
  • molecular sieves instead of the commonly used azeotropic technology, in which hydrocarbons (benzene, cyclohexane) and substances, which are dangerous to environment and harmful to health are used as the resolving agent,
  • concrete emergency basin (height 1.2 m), around the production tanks, constituting environmental protection against soil and water contamination (spill),
  • continuous monitoring of parameters affecting the environment,
  • waste management program.