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Our Offer

   Destylacje Polskie Company offers a wide range of quality ethyl alcohol rectified and dehydrated ethyl alcohol produced from agricultural distillate. raw material quality is rigorously controlled and adjusted depending on the quality of the final product required.

Modern technology and rich experience ensure production of the highest quality and repeatability, and enable the realization of individual production according to the needs and expectations of customers.

The company offers - among others:
- plain grain rectified spirit,
- neutral grain rectified spirit,
- luxurious grain rectified spirit,
- potato rectified spirit,
- cosmetic ethyl alcohol,
- technology ethyl alcohol,
- bioethanol,
- flexographic quality dehydrated ethyl alcohol,
- pharmaceutical rectified alcohol quality in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia 8.5,
- pharmaceutical dehydrated ethyl alcohol quality in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia 8.5,
- windscreen washer fluid concentrate,
- alcohol denatured in accordance with applicable regulations,
- technical ethyl alcohol used in the construction chemicals.

The company is also prepared to take the production in accordance with the supplied template or modifying the standard offer
products in order to provide the product according to individual needs.